Since 1989, we have worked tirelessly to create safe natural habitats. Whakaangi is home to a vibrant biodiversity and we are working to create a safe future for the many species of flora and fauna. Predator and pest control is the heart of our work. Our project area is 1600ha (over 400ha is under QEII covenant) with another 400ha of buffer zone and is home to NZ's northern most population of North Island Brown Kiwi. 


Our Mission

We work to preserve and enhance the natural beauty, ecosystems and biodiversity of the Whakaangi peninsular, including our role as custodians of a robust population of North Island Brown Kiwi. We work hard to ensure they have a secure future. We have a long term goal of re-introducing native species that used to call our peninsular home.  

Our Kiwi Population

We have an estimated 300 individual kiwi residing in our project area. The population is healthy and growing, although constantly under threat from the Big 4: dogs, stoats, rats and feral cats. In order to keep our population thriving, we maintain a constant vigil against these predators. 


What We've Achieved

  • Native bush regenerated to strong health over sustained period of possum control since 1989.
  • Northern most population of North Island Brown kiwi nurtured. 
  • Avian dog aversion training carried out throughout the Far North.
  • Continual pest control work (trapping and baiting) all year around - some of the highest trapping hours per ha. of any project in NZ.
  • Exemplar biodiversity project status recognised.